Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House

Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House
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This Kentucky style, slot entrance bluebird house is designed to thwart sparrows.
According to research at the University of Kentucky, bluebirds prefer a slot entrance to the standard circular hole -- sparrows prefer the opposite. In addition, sparrows don't like a shallow box and bluebirds don't seem to mind.

This box is only 5 inches deep but if sparrows still continue to be a problem, a wooden insert is included to reduce the depth even more. Sparrows rarely use the 3-1/2 inches depth, but bluebirds will still occupy it.

RANGE: Breeds east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to Gulf of Mexico. Winters in southern part of breeding range and Mexico.

HABITAT: Enjoys open woodlands, fields and farmlands with scattered trees.
10 inches high x 6 inches wide x 8-1/2 inches deep
Features Benefits
* North American Blue Bird Society Approved
* slotted entrance
* a wooden insert is included to reduce the depth of the box
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