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For the everyday bird watcher, our Wild Bird Feeder category is filled with the finest quality products you'll find.  These  birdfeeders are made in the great North East and are designed and built with the welfare of each species of bird in mind.

Wild Birdfeeders will attract song birds to your garden.

Bluebird Feeder (SKU: 20900)Bluebird Feeder (SKU: 20900)
Hanging Screen Feeder (SKU: 20600)Hanging Screen Feeder (SKU: 20600)
Jelly Feeder (SKU: 23500)Jelly Feeder (SKU: 23500)
Large Screen Feeder (SKU: 20700)Large Screen Feeder (SKU: 20700)
Mini Suet Feeder (SKU: 22100)Mini Suet Feeder (SKU: 22100)
Mini Window Screen Feeder (SKU: 24300)Mini Window Screen Feeder (SKU: 24300)
Mirrored Panoramic In-House-Feeder (SKU: 26500)Mirrored Panoramic In-House-Feeder (SKU: 26500)
Mirrored Windowsill Feeder (SKU: 25900)Mirrored Windowsill Feeder (SKU: 25900)
Panoramic In-House Window Feeder (SKU: 26400)Panoramic In-House Window Feeder (SKU: 26400)
Peanut Box Feeder (SKU: 20030)Peanut Box Feeder (SKU: 20030)
Wildlife Feeder (SKU: 20020)Wildlife Feeder (SKU: 20020)
Window Suet Feeder (SKU: 22600)Window Suet Feeder (SKU: 22600)
Woodpecker Feeder (SKU: 22400)Woodpecker Feeder (SKU: 22400)

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