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Eastern Bluebird House (SKU: 10048)Eastern Bluebird House (SKU: 10048)
Eastern Bluebird House Kit (SKU: 31005)Eastern Bluebird House Kit (SKU: 31005)
Garden Design Birdhouse  post mount/natural (SKU: 51200)Garden Design Birdhouse post mount/natural (SKU: 51200)
Horizontal Bluebird House (SKU: 10050)Horizontal Bluebird House (SKU: 10050)
Horizontal Winter Roost (SKU: 10098)Horizontal Winter Roost (SKU: 10098)
Nature Show Birdhouse (SKU: 10045S)Nature Show Birdhouse (SKU: 10045S)
Observation Bluebird House (SKU: 10049)Observation Bluebird House (SKU: 10049)
Open-top Bluebird House (SKU: 10057)Open-top Bluebird House (SKU: 10057)
Slant-front Bluebird Box (SKU: 10055)Slant-front Bluebird Box (SKU: 10055)
Small Winter Roost (SKU: 10095)Small Winter Roost (SKU: 10095)
Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House (SKU: 10044)Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House (SKU: 10044)
Western Mountain Bluebird House (SKU: 10051)Western Mountain Bluebird House (SKU: 10051)

Providing bluebird houses has long been a favorite pastime in North America.  Bluebirds are loved for their beautiful blue coloring, as well as, their gentle disposition and pleasing voice.  The bluebird is the symbol of love and happiness in many of our songs.

Once a common bird, the bluebird was numerous even in urban residential areas, but it has seen a decline in numbers, with the Eastern Bluebird losing up to 90 percent of its population. A number of factors, such as insecticides, the destruction of their habitats, predators, and competition from other birds have contributed to this decline. The destruction of some of their food supply, such as the wild holly berries used in Christmas decorations, has also been a factor.

Those who love the bluebird have begun a massive effort to save it through the erection of thousands of nesting boxes appropriate for this species and predator- and competitor-proof. And the bluebird is beginning to reappear in areas where these bluebird houses are established.

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