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Downy Woodpecker HouseDowny Woodpecker HouseAmerica's smallest woodpecker, the Downy is a backyard favorite. They are friendly little birds that enjoy being around people. Since Downys tend to use nest boxes in the winter as roosts to escape the cold, one might want to put up a house in the fall. Comes standard with slate squirrel guard and wood chips.
Flicker HouseFlicker HouseThe Northern Flicker is a woodpecker that utilizes a functional bird house quite readily. If there is a problem with a flicker pecking a hole in a building, fill this functional bird house with wood chips and position it over the unwanted excavation to provide a more suitable nesting location. RANGE: Resides throughout the U.S. and Canada. HABITAT: Prefers open country with trees, parks and large gardens; especially in or at the edge of open woods..
Hanging Screen FeederHanging Screen FeederWith durable, perforated metal bottom providing drainage to keep seed from spoiling, this one-foot-square platform functional birdfeeder hangs nicely from a shepherds hook or a hanging bracket by a sturdy nylon cord. Screen removes easily for cleaning.
Three Woodpeckers HouseThree Woodpeckers HouseOnly a few varieties of woodpeckers will live in a man-made box, but the Hairy, Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpeckers regularly do so. This functional bird house comes with wood chips and a slate predator guard to keep squirrels from enlarging the entrance hole. RANGE: Resides throughout the U.S. and Canada, and north to Alaska. Some northern birds move south for the winter. HABITAT: Lives in or at the edge of open woods, prefering deciduous forests.

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Panoramic In-House Window FeederPanoramic In-House Window FeederThis functional bird feeder allows you to view the feeding birds through a clear panel. Its unique design sits inside the house and installs easily by utilizing dove-tailed, wooden side panels that slide out to fit most windows from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Made of cedar, it's easy to fill and cleans from the comfort of your home.

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