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Backyard BirdhouseBackyard BirdhouseThis house with a 4x4 floor is suitable for most common backyard birds including bluebirds, titmice, swallows, nuthatches, chickadees and wrens. The 1-1/2 inch hole is protected by a slate predator guard to ward off pesky squirrels.
Barn Owl HouseBarn Owl HouseThe Barn Owl with its heart-shaped face is 18 inches high with a wing span of 44 inches. These highly valued, rodent-eaters will have an ideal residence in this very large functional owl house which comes with wood chips.
Barred Owl HouseBarred Owl HouseThe Barred Owl is slightly larger than a barn owl and sounds like a typical hoot owl. This house can be mounted high in a tree with the two metal hangers. Range: Resides from British Columbia east to Nova Scotia, and south to northern California, and to Texas and Florida. Habitat: Lives in low, wet woods and swampy forests. Habitat: Lives in low, wet woods and swampy forests. Range: Resides from British Columbia east to Nova Scotia, and south to northern California, and to Texas and Florida.
Bufflehead Duck HouseBufflehead Duck HouseThe Bufflehead, with its striking white sides and white patch on its head, is smaller than most cavity nesting ducks. Dependent on nest boxes, this functioal duck house is ideal due to the scarcity of holes excavated by a large woodpecker or flicker. RANGE: Breeds in Alaska east to western Quebec, and south in mountains to Washington and Montana. Winters in southern U.S., south to Mexico, Gulf Coast and northern Florida.
Chickadee HouseChickadee HouseProperly sized to shelter one of America's favorite backyard birds. Opens easily for monitoring and cleaning. RANGE: Resides throughout eastern United States. HABITAT: Prefers open forests of mixed growth, orchards and swamps. 12-1/2 inches high x 6 inches wide x 8-1/2 inches deep
Commom Merganser HouseCommom Merganser HouseThis functional duck house provides a perfect nest box for mergansers that normally nest in tree cavities. Positioning a house on a pole in the open water provides extra protection from predators.
Downy Woodpecker HouseDowny Woodpecker HouseAmerica's smallest woodpecker, the Downy is a backyard favorite. They are friendly little birds that enjoy being around people. Since Downys tend to use nest boxes in the winter as roosts to escape the cold, one might want to put up a house in the fall. Comes standard with slate squirrel guard and wood chips.
Eastern Bluebird HouseEastern Bluebird HouseThe finest bluebird house on the market! Predator guard is standard to keep starlings, squirrels and other undesirables out, while small floor discourages sparrow nests. RANGE: Breeds east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to Gulf of Mexico. Winters in southern part of breeding range and Mexico. HABITAT: Enjoys open woodlands, fields and farmlands with scattered trees.
Eastern Bluebird House KitEastern Bluebird House KitEnjoy time with your children by helping them put this beautiful functional birdhouses kit together, and teach them the benefits of attracting birds to your backyard. This functional bird house has a 4x4 floor, which is suitable for a variety of small birds: chickadees, titmice, wrens, warblers, nuthatches and tree swallows. Includes a predator guard that is essential to provide protection for bluebirds. Easy to assemble with instructions and bird information included
Flicker HouseFlicker HouseThe Northern Flicker is a woodpecker that utilizes a functional bird house quite readily. If there is a problem with a flicker pecking a hole in a building, fill this functional bird house with wood chips and position it over the unwanted excavation to provide a more suitable nesting location. RANGE: Resides throughout the U.S. and Canada. HABITAT: Prefers open country with trees, parks and large gardens; especially in or at the edge of open woods..
Garden Design Birdhouse post mount/naturalGarden Design Birdhouse  post mount/naturalThis functional birdhouse will attract several species of birds including bluebirds, tree swallows, titmice, nuthatches and house wrens. Included is a double-ended dowel screw to provide easy mounting on a post or other flat surface. The removable roof provides ready access to the nesting cavity for cleaning after the nesting season is completed.
Garden Design Birdhouse - hanging/naturalGarden Design Birdhouse - hanging/naturalThis unique, functional birdhouse will attract a variety of birds when hung in the backyard by the brass rod. With ample size, drainage, ventilation and a 1-1/2 inch entrance hole, this house will accommodate any bird from a House Wren to a Tree Swallow. By removing two screws, the roof opens simply for cleaning after the nesting season is completed.
Goldeneye Duck HouseGoldeneye Duck HouseUnable to excavate their own cavities, goldeneyes are in constant search for good nesting sites. With a larger entrance hole than the Wood Duck House, this box comes with wood chips and a ladder to provide an ideal place for goldeneyes to lay their eggs. RANGE: Breeds in Alaska and across Canada to Newfoundland and the Maritime Provinces, south to mountains in Montana and Great Lakes. Winters in much of U.S., wherever water is open.
Great Crested & Ash-throated FlycatcherGreat Crested & Ash-throated FlycatcherThis house suits the Great Crested Flycatcher of the eastern U.S., or the Ash-throated Flycatcher of the Southwest. RANGE: Breeds in the East from the southern part of the eastern half of Canada, south to the Gulf Coast. Winters in southern Florida and the tropics. HABITAT: Enjoys open forests, orchards and large trees in farm country. 12-1/2 inches high x 6-3/4 inches wide x 9 inches deep
Hanging Carolina Wren HouseHanging Carolina Wren HouseThe Carolina Wren, like the House Wren, doesn't mind a functional bird house that sways. The entrance is larger than that of the House Wren. The extra width gives Carolina Wrens the ability to carry wide sticks into their functional bird house for nesting material. Hangs with a metal chain and opens easily for clean-out.
Hanging Wren Bird HouseHanging Wren Bird HouseMost birds prefer a stable house, but House Wrens dont mind a gentle movement. Hangs easily with the metal chain from a tree or bracket and opens easily for clean-out. RANGE: Breeds west across Canada to Washington and south to northern Georgia, Tennessee, northern Texas and southeastern Arizona. HABITAT: Thrives in residential areas, city parks, farmlands and woodland edges.
Horizontal Bluebird HouseHorizontal Bluebird HouseDesigned by Frank Zuern to be a safer nesting place for Eastern Bluebirds, this horizontal box simulates a hollow tree branch. Over 90% nest near the back of the box, behind a vertical baffle, out of the reach of predators. RANGE: Breeds east of the Rockies from southeastern Canada to Gulf of Mexico. Winters in southern part of breeding range and Mexico. HABITAT: Prefers open woodlands and farmlands with scattered trees.
Horizontal Winter RoostHorizontal Winter RoostProvide a spacious functional birdhouse with this newly designed winter roost. With two dowels stretching from side to side, there is plenty of room for the whole family to spend a cold winter night. The front opens for inspection and clean-out, while the opening is protected from squirrels with a slate guard.
House Wren BirdhouseHouse Wren BirdhouseWith its 1 inch entrance hole, this house provides great protection for house wrens. Wrens are very protective, so position the nest box in less frequented areas or you might get a scolding from a disgruntled parent.
Kestrels- American Kestrel HouseKestrels- American Kestrel HouseFormerly called the Sparrow Hawk, the kestrel eats insects and small rodents. This functional bird house includes an internal perch so mother and babies can keep an eye out for their next meal.
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Panoramic In-House Window FeederPanoramic In-House Window FeederThis functional bird feeder allows you to view the feeding birds through a clear panel. Its unique design sits inside the house and installs easily by utilizing dove-tailed, wooden side panels that slide out to fit most windows from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Made of cedar, it's easy to fill and cleans from the comfort of your home.

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