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Bat Chelor PadBat Chelor PadHouses up to 30 bats in a single chamber. Features include a large screened landing pad, roughened interior surface and an echolocation slot. Designed for cooler locations preferred by solitary males, but also suitable for a small nursing colony.
Bat CondominiumBat CondominiumThis best seller accommodates over 50 bats and is ideal for a nursing colony. The vertical house contains 4 chambers and can be easily mounted by a hanger on a building or a tree. Handcrafted in Maine from eastern white pine
Bat House KitBat House KitThis top selling functional bat house features a single chamber which will hold up to 20 bats. Similar in design to the BATchelor Pad, but smaller. Features an extended landing pad and an interior covered with screening to provide bats with a maximum foothold. Also includes echolocation slot to help the bats locate the cavity. Designed to be an educational tool for youngsters, and adults alike. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and information about bats..
Bat MansionBat MansionHouses several hundred bats in five chambers plus an attic, which provides for greater temperature stability. Bats seek most comfortable temperature by moving up or down inside the house. A popular house because of its large capacity.
Bat TowerBat TowerLatest research indicates that the most successful bat houses are mounted on buildings or are free-standing. The innovative bat tower mounts directly on a 4x4 post. The post actually becomes the landing platform, and from there bats climb into the house. The four internal chambers and attic provide for multiple roosting opportunities. In addition, the side opens to quell the curiosity of the serious bat-o-phile. Picture shows house with door partially opened.
Mini Bat HouseMini Bat HouseHouse a few bats in this small version of the BATchelor Pad. Comes complete with echo-location slot and screening against the back. Same design as our Bat House Kit. .
Sunshine's Bat House -smallSunshine's Bat House -smallField testing of many of these houses indicates that bats are readily attracted to and occupy this style. Can accommodate 100, 200 or 300 in three different sizes small, medium and large bats
Sunshine's Bat House LargeSunshine's Bat House LargeField testing of many of these houses indicates that bats are readily attracted to and occupy this style. Can accommodate 100, 200 or 300 in three different sizes. small, medium and large bats. 18 inches high x 21 inches wide x 6-1/2 inches deep

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Panoramic In-House Window FeederPanoramic In-House Window FeederThis functional bird feeder allows you to view the feeding birds through a clear panel. Its unique design sits inside the house and installs easily by utilizing dove-tailed, wooden side panels that slide out to fit most windows from 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Made of cedar, it's easy to fill and cleans from the comfort of your home.

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