At Backyard Decorative, we are dedicated to bringing you quality products at affordable prices.  Our products and prices will fit any budget. 

We love birds.  It is so peaceful to hear them singing, and fun watching their playful antics.  So we began encouraging them to come into our backyard by providing them a pond, bird baths, bird feeders, and bird houses for them to nest and raise their young.  So with little effort and expense over a period of time we have provided a retreat for the birds and for ourselves.  Some stop on their journey to refresh themselves and other choose to stay.  This has provided us with many hours of pleasure and relaxation, and who couldn't use a little of that?  And so Backyard Decorative was born. 

We want to share  with you some information and products that can get you started making a retreat for you, your family and for our beautiful wild feathered friends.  We know you'll enjoy seeing the birds, listening to them sing, watching them play and bathe.  So have some fun, relax and enjoy designing your retreat.

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